Water Damage Photo Gallery

Kitchen with Water Damage

Kitchen Water Damage? Not a problem.

This home in Wallingford, PA sustatined a heavy water damage after a second floor pipe broke and poured water down into this kitchen.  The homeowner knew how to call to mitigate these damages.  Call SERVPRO of Media when your Wallingford, PA home floods.  We are experts in our field and can het your home back together. 

Water Leaking from Sink Drain

Do you have a Water Damage in your Kitchen?

This a common situation.  A pipe underneath a sink has a small leak, that turns into a large leak.  We handle kitchen water damages everyday.  We are here to help in your time of need.  Call SERVPRO of Media.  Your trusted remediator for three decades. 

Big Box store had a Water Damage.

Springfield, PA Store had a Water Damage

A local store had a water damage from a sprinkler head.  We arrived quickly and efficiently mitigated the water damage after hours.  We extracted the water and set drying equipment, so they could open and service customers in the morning.  Call us for your water damage needs 24/7/365.

Stair Trim in Newtown Square, PA

Stair Trim and Molding in Newtown Square, PA

Sometimes water damage signs are subtle.  You need a trained professional with the right tools and skilled eye to spot water damage.  Sometimes water may not directly affect an area, but the humidity created by the water damage creates damages in other ways, like in this Newtown Square, PA home. The stair trim was all swollen after water damage ravaged this home due to a dishwasher line leak in the kitchen.  Call SERVPRO of Media when you have a water damage at 610-566-5720.  We can help locate all of the areas affected by your water damage.  

Knee-high water is shown in an unfinished basement.

Flooded Basement in East Norriton, PA

This basement in East Norriton, PA flooded, leaving the entire basement with knee-high water throughout. Luckily, SERVPRO of Media were called out to assess and mitigate the damage. We quickly arrived onsite and were able to extract all of the water in only a few hours!

Two air movers are shown underneath the carpet in a basement that sustained a water damage.

Basement flood in Broomall, PA

See how the air movers (one of the many different types of drying equipment we use!) are placed under the carpet? This is a drying technique known as “floating.” This method involves loosening the carpet in some places to allow our air movers to blow warm, dry air underneath of the carpet while other air movers blow air across the top. There are some instances where we have to remove the carpet, but we always attempt to dry in place first.